LIBBY SKALA on THE 48th St. Exercise

What I love about your solo exploration workshop is that it’s the ultimate writer’s block remover.  It provides the perfect forum to discover material from a visceral, rather than an critical, analytical place. 

By committing to arbitrary physical actions, adjustments, vocal patterns, and locations on stage, I find myself step by step, freed from the need to look and sound good, clever and intelligent.  I become immersed in play and movement and speech flow freely.  I enter the world of the heart and not the head.  

Preconceptions disappear, plans drop away, fear of not knowing what to do or say no longer exists.  The everyday world is turned upside down, and golden nuggets drop out of bottomless pockets. 

The result is raw material for new shows that came from your workshop.  The 48th Street Exercise (Solo Exploration) is perfectly designed for the way I work.

_ Libby Skala


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